Al Narjis Hills Vision | Identity

Beyond housing and commercial structures, we aim to establish a sense of community and belonging for all residents at Al Narjis Hills. Our master plan ensures privacy and exclusivity for each of the neighbourhoods within the development, yet maintains a shared identity and interconnectivity through common concepts and a united vision.

Within a relaxed, harmonious, and contemporary urban environment, complementary components will enable Saudi nationals and expats to live, work, learn, and play in one vibrant district. The contrasting yet cohesive nature of Al Narjis Hills will uplift its appeal and set it apart from any other private development in Saudi Arabia.

Al Narjis Hills Vision | Quality

In collaboration with preeminent urban planners Albert Speer & Partner, we intend to achieve extraordinary standards of quality at Al Narjis Hills. Our comprehensive master plan safeguards consistent and comprehensive excellence of quality at all stages of development. In parallel, we will continue to affiliate with world-class co-developers, project management firms, financial consultants, marketing agencies, as well as contracting companies.

Majid Al Futtaim Property (MAFP), the project’s anchor developer, is committed to developing 25% (866,000 square metres) of Al Narjis Hills, to create one of the largest shopping and entertainment destinations in Riyadh. MAFP’s renowned quality and expertise will resonate throughout this component and invigorate other areas of the development.

Al Narjis Hills Vision | Design

The scale and scope of Al Narjis Hills presents it with the potential for being an iconic landmark in the Kingdom’s capital. The architectural team on the project will ensure that this potential is fully realised.

Aesthetically appealing structures, and thoughtfully designed open spaces will both stand out and blend in with the natural topography of the land.

The designs will balance indigenous elements and construction materials with contemporary features and styles to create a destination that is both architecturally impressive and in harmony with its environment.

Al Narjis Hills Vision | Lifestyle

To address the lifestyle needs of both Saudi nationals and expatriates across market segments, we first examined the essentials.

Comfort, safety, security, privacy and convenience are of paramount importance to us; but we also concern ourselves with other matters that are equally essential such as easy access to amenities and services – from the basic needs of modern lifestyles to more indulgent luxuries, uninterrupted flow of traffic and ample parking.

Commercial plazas, pedestrian paths, green areas, water features, and other diverse commercial and public attractions will add to the appeal of life at Al Narjis Hills.

Al Narjis Hills Vision | Community

Every compound and neighbourhood in Al Narjis Hills will be centred on community living, with public facilities being the focal point of every cluster.

Dedicated areas for social and cultural activities, sports clubs, safe and secure playgrounds, Arab and international schools, kindergartens, and medical facilities will be integrated into the framework of the development.

Mosques and schools are designed to be within easy reach and are accessible through pedestrian networks that connect the entire community.

Al Narjis Hills Vision | Environment

Al Narjis Hills will be characterised by its integral green features and beautifully designed and landscaped public areas. Rows of palm trees along the streets, mini parks and undulating green features will highlight the topography and enrich the public and open spaces of each neighbourhood.

Alongside the network of pedestrian paths and promenades linking different residential, commercial, cultural and leisure destinations; slopes and ‘desertscapes’ will be transformed into verdant settings.

Indigenous flowering plants and shrubs as well as more exotic varieties that adapt well to the local environment will bring life and colour to every cluster.