Blocks | Block 31
Blocks | Block 32

A mix of residential and commercial spaces

Block 32 is characterised by its topography and its excellent connectivity to the MAFP mall. Located on Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Highway and Anas Bin Malek Highway, the block will feature five distinct and contained neighbourhoods, three of which will be adjacent to a pedestrian path leading to the mall.

In addition to its residential neighbourhoods, Block 32 will feature several sophisticated commercial and mixed-use areas, including a plaza and hotels.

Blocks | Block 33
Blocks | Block 34

Strategic location

Block 34 is prominently located at the intersection of King Salman Road and Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Highway. Emphasising its strategic setting, this block will feature an architecturally ambitious high-rise cluster that takes advantage of its excellent visibility and access from King Khalid International Airport.

Aside from the commercial landmark in its northern part, the block will have two residential neighbourhoods and further commercial areas along Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Highway.

Blocks | Block 39

Prospect Developments | Automoto City

In Riyadh, most car agencies and distributors are located in the east, with a few in the centre and south. It is time that the northern part of Riyadh has such services within reach.

Automoto City aims to build an ultra modern mixed-use concept to house showrooms of premium brands of cars, as well as all related services such as auto accessories and revamping agencies, major service centres, financing services and insurance agencies.

But there’s more to Automoto City than just grownups looking at cars. The entire family has reason to keep coming back to this destination with recreational facilities that include a state-of-the-art indoor go-karting ring, F1 arcade simulation game centre, remote control dirt road roadsters racing, billiards, bowling arena, retail by premium auto brands, and restaurants, cafes and a food-court with an automotive theme.